Sustentando la vida
Los proyectos de agua de TAHAL tienen en cuenta todos los recursos hídricos regionales a fin de optimizar su utilización agrícola, industrial y residencial actual y futura. Gracias a más de seis décadas de experiencia en el sector del agua, TAHAL implementa proyectos sostenibles que mejoran la disponibilidad, la calidad y los réditos relacionados con el agua.
Beneficios clave
• Optimización de la disponibilidad y calidad del agua
• Suministro de agua seguro para uso agrícola, industrial y doméstico
• Desarrollo y gestión eficientes de nuevos recursos hídricos
• Menor pérdida de agua y más ingresos por agua
Conocimientos especializados acreditados
• Plantas de desalinización para agua de mar o agua salobre
• Desarrollo y protección de acuíferos
• Plantas de tratamiento de agua
• Diques y reservorios
• Estaciones de bombeo

Water Supply System in Rural Areas, Romania

Description of Project: Feasibility studies, detailed design and construction of water supply systems in rural areas within the framework of priority governmental programs as well as provision of a financial package for carrying out the works. Numerous villages spread throughout the counties of Romania were provided with centralized water supply system. Even where water was
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Development of Water Resources of Kalu Ganga Basin including Flood Protection

Prefeasibility study for flood protection of Kalu Ganga Basin and feasibility study for construction of 70 m high multipurpose Ratnapura Dam for flood protection and hydropower. Included installation/calibration of SOBEK flood control model, field investigations and tender document preparation.
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Urban Water Supply, Storm Water Drainage, Underground Sewerage & Road Restoration

Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority Description: Development of urban water supply, sewerage & drainage systems for 260 km2 area. Includes water treatment plants, pipelines, storage reservoirs and collection, treatment & disposal of domestic/industrial wastewater.
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Palmachim Seawater Desalination Facility, Kibbutz Palmachim

Financing, design, construction, supply, installation and O&M of reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant for the production and supply of 45 MCM/yr under a build-own-operate (BOO) contract.
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Design of Fifth Water Supply Pipeline to Jerusalem

Feasibility study and design of eastern pipeline segment, which will be the main source of water for Jerusalem, supplying 65,000 m3/h.
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Water Pollution Simulation for Hagihon Corporation, Jerusalem

Development of standalone decision-support system (DSS) tool to dramatically reduce time between detection/suspicion of contamination in water network, thereby reducing both health risks and financial loss. The system includes hydraulic simulation and graphical presentation of results.
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Consultancy on Nzoia and Yala Multi-Purpose Flood Protection Works Sub Component

Flood mitigation project included hydrological study and design of dams, including multipurpose reservoirs for flood prevention, power generation, water supply and irrigation. Alternatives were recommended based on cost-benefit analysis, as well as socioeconomic and environmental impact.
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Addis Ababa Water Supply Project – Stage IIIA

Field studies, completion of detailed design and preparation of tender documents to upgrade water supply system for Addis Ababa (population above 3 million), including dams, pumping stations, raw water transmission mains, treatment plant, tunnel, distribution pipelines and reservoirs.
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Construction Supervision of Hydraulic Works for Flood Control of Lower Basin of Guayas River

Construction supervision of flood control works covering 171,250 ha area with a population of 188,000. Project includes hydraulic structures, river crossings, embankments, drainage canals and 280 km of highways and auxiliary roads.
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New Facilities at the Yuzhnaya Water Treatment Plant

Description: Feasibility study, detailed design, supervision of construction and commissioning of new 350,000 m3/day water supply block. Included all stages of design; expert evaluation; standardization, supply & assembly of equipment; and installation of SCADA system.
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Optimization, Extension and Operational Control of Falcon State Water Supply & Sanitation System for Four Cities

Project involved feasibility study, final design and procurement, including 110 km of collection/distribution networks, 3 pumping stations, 13 km pipeline, 4 facultative lagoon treatment plants and implementation of SCADA system comprising 2 OCCs and 107 remote stations.
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Improvement of Drinking Water Systems of Santo Domingo

Master planning, design, supervision and construction, including rehabilitation of pumping stations; installation of 48 & 54; steel pipelines (6 km); construction of two concrete reservoirs (~30,000 m3 each); installation of 12 & 16; HDPE networks (10 km); and SCADA system implementation.
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