Protecting the Environment, Protecting Life. TAHAL maintains proven expertise in the implementation of state-of-the-art wastewater projects – including those based on membrane bioreactor (MBR), upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB), and soil aquifer treatment (SAT) technologies. For over 50 years, TAHAL has been a leading wastewater player in developing countries, specializing in wastewater treatment and reuse projects that decrease environmental impact and increase economic benefit.

Key Benefits
• Enhanced public health and minimized environmental impact
• Better wastewater collection and treatment coverage
• Greater reclaimed water availability for agriculture and industry
• Increased revenues from reused water
Proven Expertise
• Wastewater treatment facilities and plants
• Effluent disposal systems
• Groundwater recharge and aquifer renewal
• Sludge management systems and biogas production


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Upgrading of Wastewater Treatment Plant – Ivanovo, Russia

The Russian Ministry of Regional Development and the City of Ivanovo have chosen TAHAL to serve as general contractor for upgrading the existing Ivanovo wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 320,000 m3/day. The project included the construction of a new sludge treatment line including biogas co-generation based on anaerobic digestion.
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Rehabilitation of Iskozh Wastewater Pumping Station – Kazan, Russia

MUP Kazan Vodokanal selected TAHAL to perform full reconstruction of the Iskozh wastewater pumping station. The main goal of the project was to restore the pumping station and to introduce full automatization of the facility.
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New Facilities at Yuzhnaya Water Treatment Plant – St. Petersburg, Russia

TAHAL in JV with ZAO Vodokanalstroy was hired by MUP Vodokanal St. Petersburg, the supplier of potable water to the city of 5 million people, to establish new facilities at the Yuzhnaya water treatment plant. The project included a development, detailed design, and construction and commissioning for a new treatment plant with a nominal capacity of 350,000 m3/day.
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Industrial & Domestic WWTP and Collector Pipelines, Kocaeli Province

BOT project for design, supply and construction of WWTP to treat wastewater from the industrial zone and domestic wastewater from two municipalities. Process includes physical, chemical & biological treatment, plus sludge dehydration. Initial 14,500 m3/day capacity will grow to 21,000 m3/day. Works include collector pipelines (35 km), 10 pumping stations and
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Arad Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Rehabilitation Project

Rehabilitation and upgrading of WWTP to serve a population equivalent (PE) of 225,000, with maximum capacity of 84,300 m3/day. Turnkey project included topographical and geotechnical investigations; detailed design; procurement; execution of civil, electromechanical and SCADA works; and commissioning.
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Xuanhua Wastewater Treatment & Water Reuse – Transfer-Operate-Transfer (TOT) Project

Serving local population of 320,000 and all nearby industries, with current capacity of 120,000 m3/day (WWTP) and 120,000 m3/day recycled water, meeting Class IA effluent standards.
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Dazhou Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment Project (BOO)

Dazhou Water Treatment Plant (WTP) – current capacity of 100,000 m3/day, expected to increase by an additional 50,000 m3/day in Phase II (2014), and an additional 100,000 m3/day around 2020. Dazhou Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) – current capacity of 10,000 m3/day, meeting Class IA effluent
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Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Reuse System (“SHAFDAN”), Dan Region

Master plan, feasibility studies, design, equipment procurement, construction supervision, commissioning and monitoring of 160 MCM wastewater collection, treatment & reuse system for 200 km2 Tel Aviv metropolitan area.
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Feasibility Study and Basic Engineering Design of the Wastewater Conveyance and Treatment System in the City of Arequipa

Feasibility study and basic design of wastewater systems for projected population of 1.5 million. Project included field surveys and studies; planning and analysis of alternatives; environmental and socioeconomic impact assessment; economic and financial evaluation; design of main conveyance pipelines and treatment/disposal components; and preparation of tender documentation, including terms of reference and technical
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