Upgrading of Wastewater Treatment Plant – Ivanovo, Russia

Project at a Glance:

Customer: Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation
Region: Europe
Project Value: $30M
Status: completed in 2015
Segments: wastewater treatment with anaerobic digestion and biogas co-generation
Main Benefit: Decrease of negative environmental impact, co-generation of energy which is used to operate the WWTP


The Russian Ministry of Regional Development and the City of Ivanovo have chosen TAHAL to serve as general contractor for upgrading the existing Ivanovo wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 320,000 m3/day. The project included the construction of a new sludge treatment line including biogas co-generation based on anaerobic digestion.


TAHAL acted as sole general contractor for the project, responsible for engineering, construction, and equipment purchase and installation (including SCADA/control systems). The project included the construction of a new sludge treatment line including biogas cogeneration at a total capacity of 2.5 MW. The total volume of wet sludge treated by the new line reached 4,760 m³/day, with total dry content of treated sludge reaching 36 tons/day.

Specific project activities conducted by TAHAL included:

  • Preparation of detailed design documents
  • Supply and installation of four biogas cogenerators with total 2.5 MW capacity

Construction of:

  • two methane tanks (5,500 m3 each) for mesophilic anaerobic digestion
  • methane tank building and gas treatment building
  • reservoirs for digested sludge
  • Laying of in-site pipes and cables
  • Supply and installation of different technological equipment including sludge thickeners, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, mixers, two transformer substations, biogas flare, and other electrical and control equipment


  • Addition of new sludge treatment line
  • New biogas cogeneration (2.5 MW capacity)
  • Improved public health for area residents and decrease of methane pollution