For TAHAL, project management begins by reviewing and taking inventory of all updated project data, including maps and relevant documents. Based on this data, TAHAL reassesses the scope of various assignments and amends the work plan accordingly, including adjusting work methods and schedules and revising the duration of specific studies.

TAHAL then appoints a project manager who keeps abreast of developments at the site, and ensures that tasks are performed in an efficient, effective and timely manner. This includes timing various activities, controlling materials and equipment supply, witness testing machinery at the manufacturer’s premises, and inspecting delivered items to ascertain conformity with the manufacturer’s description.

TAHAL also assumes full responsibility for pre-qualification procedures. This includes preparing pre-qualification documents for selecting contractors and subcontractors, examining bidder documents, and preparing a pre-qualification report describing the selection procedure and selected entity.

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Water Pollution Simulation for Hagihon Corporation, Jerusalem

Development of standalone decision-support system (DSS) tool to dramatically reduce time between detection/suspicion of contamination in water network, thereby reducing both health risks and financial loss. The system includes hydraulic simulation and graphical presentation of results.
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Optimization, Extension and Operational Control of Falcon State Water Supply & Sanitation System for Four Cities

Project involved feasibility study, final design and procurement, including 110 km of collection/distribution networks, 3 pumping stations, 13 km pipeline, 4 facultative lagoon treatment plants and implementation of SCADA system comprising 2 OCCs and 107 remote stations.
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Improvement of Drinking Water Systems of Santo Domingo

Master planning, design, supervision and construction, including rehabilitation of pumping stations; installation of 48 & 54; steel pipelines (6 km); construction of two concrete reservoirs (~30,000 m3 each); installation of 12 & 16; HDPE networks (10 km); and SCADA system implementation.
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